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DePalma, Kate - A Rainbow of Rocks

DePalma, Kate - A Rainbow of Rocks

SKU: 9781782859864
A rainbow of rocks — from red to violet and beyond! Eye-popping close-up photos of real, vibrant rocks and minerals in a rainbow of colors are brought to life by lyrical, rhyming text about the many facets of geology. Includes educational notes perfect for STEM learning.

Key Selling Points:

STEM LEARNING: Explore the science of rocks and minerals through a kid-friendly concept — color! Includes a spread of educational endnotes at the end.
DAZZLING COLOR PHOTOS: Stunning up-close photos of real rocks and minerals, including glittering gemstones, fill this book with detail and natural beauty.
ENGAGING TEXT: Rhyming text offers an engaging and accessible approach to geology for young readers.
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