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Copeland, Jean, et al. - Swift Vengeance

Copeland, Jean, et al. - Swift Vengeance

SKU: 9781635558807
A journalist becomes the subject of her own investigation when sudden strange, violent visions summon her to a summer retreat and into the arms of a killer’s possible next victim.

Months after accomplished journalist Brittany is nearly killed in a motorcycle accident, her body is healing, but her mind has changed. When she begins experiencing the strange, violent visions of someone bent on murder, they lead her to Swift Island, a sleepy LGBTQ+ summer retreat.

Toni has wounds of her own to heal. Heartbroken from her breakup with a womanizer she believed she could change, she accepts her Aunt Leslie’s invitation to spend time with them on Swift Island and work in their brewpub, the Second Wave.

Although consumed with their own lives on the island, when Brittany and Toni meet, their attraction is immediate, but a killer lurks in the shadows of this cozy enclave, and the only way to stop one of them from becoming the next victim is to help Brittany focus on the message of her visions.

Jean Copeland, Jackie D, Erin Zak
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