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Compton, Emily - Dusk in Kalevia

Compton, Emily - Dusk in Kalevia

SKU: V113200
Fantasy----November 12, 2015

Like most secret agents, Toivo Valonen is not what he seems. An angelic embodiment of hope living on earth in the guise of a human, he has acted throughout history as a source of wartime inspiration and comfort. In the year 1960, he embarks on an undercover mission in the Communist state of Kalevia, allied with a rebellion against the government–and pursued by rival agent Demyan Chernyshev, a dark angel in the employ of the KGB. But as Toivo’s mission is complicated by his explosive past with Demyan, the two of them discover that a young human couple may be the key to the Kalevian conflict. The otherworldly spies begin a dangerous game, only to end up in a conspiracy that could bring the entire country to its knees.

Written by new author Emily Compton and illustrated by artist Onorobo, Sparkler Monthly is proud to present this alternate history epic of espionage, legends, and star-crossed lovers.
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