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Coloring Book - Beat that Mug!

Coloring Book - Beat that Mug!

SKU: 9781006746086
Beat that Mug is the very first coloring book to feature Drag Queens and LGBT positive figures, presented in a makeup-focused format. With fifty pages total, Beat that Mug contains thirty-five drag queen makeup face charts in sections of five at a time, separated by breaker pages such as crossword puzzles with LGBT+ slang words, mazes, and other fun activities. It also contains five blank makeup face charts that represent different ethnic facial structures that are underrepresented in the cosmetic industry. It is mostly images, but there will be text as guidelines on some of the breaker pages, the logo, and in the crossword puzzle. The target demographic for this coloring book would mainly be fans of drag queens, but would also be fun for makeup artists of all kind, as well as anyone in the queer community. Everything in the book is child friendly, so it can be enjoyed by children as well. My name is Micah Souza, and I am a queer illustrator that specializes in illustrating for drag queens, and I've worked with over eight hundred drag queens in the span of the last five years. I've had fourteen drag products at Hot Topic retail chains, as well many products in other stores such as Spencer's, Torrid, Sweet Hollywood Candy, and more. I also have designed merchandise and booths for multiple years of DragCon LA and NY, as well as Drag World UK. My designs have been featured on RuPaul's Drag Race Season 12, as well as Dragula season 2 and 3. I've also designed for packaging, websites, logos, and social media for the queens themselves, as well as their makeup and wig companies. I've built a huge following in the drag community with my art, with my finger on the pulse of the industry I believe that I am the perfect person to create a product like this. Thank you for your Support! - Micah Souza
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