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Coccia, Paul - On the Line

Coccia, Paul - On the Line

SKU: 9781459827134
In this novel for middle readers, thirteen-year-old basketball star Jordan Ryker learns that his father is gay.
Thirteen-year-old basketball star Jordan Ryker feels like his life is falling apart.
All Jordie wanted was for his parents to stop fighting. Soon, he gets his wish. His parents separate and then his dad announces he’s gay. Shocked, Jordie struggles with how to process all this. His dad taught him everything he knows about basketball, and there’s an important championship game coming up. He needs him more than ever. But Jordie feels like his dad has abandoned his family. He doesn’t want anything to do with him now and he definitely doesn't want to meet his dad’s new boyfriend. It takes a new girl with wicked basketball skills and a revelation from his best friend to help Jordie realize that while some things change, other things never do.
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