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Cannon, Geonn - The Wolf Who Cried Girl

Cannon, Geonn - The Wolf Who Cried Girl

SKU: 9781952150180
Almost ten years ago, Ariadne Willow helped create a stalemate between Hunters and canidae. That peace comes to an end with the abduction of Gwyneth Willow, her partner, Milo Duncan, and the doctor who kept Ari safe while she was in prison. When Milo manages to escape, Ari promises to pull out all the stops to rescue the others.

But this time the Hunters have a plan. Another young canidae is abducted, and her imprisonment is streamed live on the internet for the whole world to see. Unless Ari can find her and stop it, the girl will have no choice but to transform, and canidae will be exposed.

The key to winning may lie in a legendary lost book, a call to arms for all wolves to rise up against the Hunters. Ari worries that unleashing it will only lead to a long, bloody war. But with the lives of her mother and an innocent girl at stake, can Ari really afford to play fair?
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