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Briscoe, Joanna - The Seduction

Briscoe, Joanna - The Seduction

SKU: 9781408873496
Elizabeth Penn has lived every mother’s worst nightmare. Almost seven years ago, her 5-year-old daughter Fern vanished from a playground. She was gone for less than twenty-four hours, but Beth has never learned what happened on that lost day.
Now Beth guards 12-year-old Fern fiercely, watching for her out the window all day and worrying over every moment of absence. Recently, though, Fern has been returning home late from school and avoiding her mother’s questions. As Beth’s anxiety escalates, spilling into every aspect of her work and life, her partner, Sol, insists that she should visit a psychologist. But Beth refuses. After all, a shrink might ask her to talk about her own mother and force her to confront the memories she's spent a lifetime trying to suppress.
Taut and atmospheric, The Seduction is a disturbing journey into the darkness of the human mind.
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