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Biel, Joe - How to Be Accountable Workbook

Biel, Joe - How to Be Accountable Workbook

SKU: 4211888
How to Be Accountable Workbook: Take Responsibility to Change Your Behavior, Boundaries & Relationships

Have you made choices you regret, grown away from your values, damaged your relationships, or hurt yourself and people you care about? It's never too late to choose accountability, change your behavior, and become the person, friend, partner, and/or parent you know you can be. Figure out where you went wrong, explore what you want to change, and get back on track with the exercises in this workbook. Can be used as a companion to How to Be Accountable, and is designed to stand alone. Whether you want to quit smoking, stop lying, or figure out how to build the stable life, career, and relationships that have always seemed out of reach, you'll find these step-by-step tools eye-opening and practical.
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