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Fangs Vol. 1 by Billy Balibally

Fangs Vol. 1 by Billy Balibally

SKU: G549638
Manga----July 6, 2021----Manga - Yaoi

"What kind of guy is unlucky enough to get bitten... and survive?"

As the sole survivor of a vampire attack, En wakes up to find that his hair has gone white as snow... and, worse, that he's developed a craving of his own for blood.
Fortunately, the vampire health and welfare organization FANGS is there to help with the transition, and the handsome Ichii steps up as his guardian and mentor. Swept up into a confusing and lonely new world where everyone seems to be hankering for a taste of his "virgin" blood, En must navigate the FANGS pairing system, an arrangement that sets up compatible vampires as mutual feeding partners... and partners in all other ways as well. But what happens when En panics and declares that he'll be paired with Ichii? And what does brooding, rough-around-the-edges Ichii make of his spunky, outgoing new charge?

About the Author
Billy Balibally is a Boys Love manga artist known for numerous titles including FANGS, Wolf Pack, Mayonaka no Orphe, and Asa to Micha.
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