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Ayala, Vita - Shuri Vol. 2: 24/7 Vibranium

Ayala, Vita - Shuri Vol. 2: 24/7 Vibranium

SKU: E753944
At long last, Shuri faces her destiny With her brother gone and Wakanda in peril, the Black Panther is needed-and Shuri must step up once again to fill the void. But the Princess of Wakanda is more than any mask - and she's about to face a threat unlike any her home has seen before When it appears that an enemy of Wakanda has left a signature behind in America, Shuri heads overseas to investigate. But she's not the only hero on the case. With New York City and New Jersey on the line, there's no way that Miles Spider-Man Morales and Kamala Ms. Marvel Khan are sitting this one out Prepare for a high-tech, star-studded adventure as only Shuri can serve up
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