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[Archie Comics] Kevin Keller: Drive Me Crazy

[Archie Comics] Kevin Keller: Drive Me Crazy

SKU: 9781936975587

Kevin Keller sure is making a splash at Riverdale High School!  


Kevin has gone from the new kid in town to one of the most well-known and popular students in the school! Struggling to stay on top of his new duties while trying to find time for a social life, Kevin deals with the mishaps and mayhem that have always been a staple of high school life in Riverdale. From his first car to first dates to a starring role in a school play (written by Veronica?!) it’s bound to be an eventful year for Kevin. Not to mention a surprise appearance and introduction by none other than George Takei!  


From acclaimed writer and artist Dan Parent comes Kevin Keller: Drive Me Crazy, a must-have collection of issues #5-8 of the latest and greatest addition to the Archie family, the best-selling, GLAAD Media Award-winning comic book series Kevin Keller!

Expected to ship in 5-7 business days
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