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Anthony, Trey - Black Girl in Love (with Herself)

Anthony, Trey - Black Girl in Love (with Herself)

SKU: 9781401960261
Speaker, writer, and producer Trey Anthony breaks it down, giving black women a relatable voice and personalized "keeping it real" to-do list on how to practice self-love and self-care.

Therapy is not just for white women-no matter what your momma told you!

After a lifetime of never truly relating to the personal development experts because of the color of her skin, Trey Anthony has written the book she needed to read as a black woman trying to navigate a world filled with unique challenges that often acts like she doesn't exist.
On the outside Trey Anthony was the overachieving, reliable, and strong black woman she was raised to be, but on the inside the pressure of sacrificing her own needs to please others was building. When her grandmother and mother raised her strong, they also unknowingly taught her that self-love and expressing emotions were weak, creating an unhealthy dynamic that had Trey facing burnout and rock bottom.
In Black Girl in Love (with Herself), Trey breaks down the lessons and tools that she used to heal her life, including how to:
Set clear and healthy boundaries-even with the people who raised you
Quit being the family ATM
Sort out who is a real friend, and who is just there for parties and gossip
Confront microaggressions at work without missing a beat
Forget who black women are "supposed" to be
And fall in love with yourself!
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