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Ammo, Tor - Cocktail

Ammo, Tor - Cocktail

SKU: 9798517337474
A blend of SF, Fantasy, Crime and a bit of Horror, shaken with a measure of Queerness and Sex.

Short synopsis:
Theme: Consciousness instills a drive to explore.
Moral: The universe only needs custodians.
Plot: On a near future dystopian Earth, the elite hunt plebs for fun. A team of hunters suffer a fatality, prompting remaining members return to base, except one who decides to look for more fun in the pleb city. After an encounter with the fabric of cosmic consciousness, he ends up at a marina, where he causes a massacre. This is subsequently investigated by two volunteer detectives. Two mute lesbian plebs plot to exterminate the elite with a doctored virus that only kills humans that eat a lot of caviar. An Irish member of the elite buys himself the title of King of Abdul City. He plans to send his three sons away from exploited Earth to become custodians of another goldilocks planet, using spaceship Pendulum that is designed by his paralysed genius son Kieran. The two detectives follow a trail to Abdul City, whilst spacetime manipulator Fi plans to pay a visit to the Pacific Ocean. Several interlinked story lines follow various characters, amongst which a wannabe actress, a talking cybhuahua (cyborg chihuahua), a horny mermaid, a drag prince, mute lesbians, a paralysed genius prince and Omar, the self-serving PA of the fake king, until they all find themselves as passengers on the Pendulum.
This quirky light hearted book introduces the new word saygning: talking and using sign language at the same time.
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