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Aguero, Anthony - Burnt Spoon Burnt Honey

Aguero, Anthony - Burnt Spoon Burnt Honey

SKU: 9781953447401
Anthony Aguero's first collection, Burnt Spoon Burnt Honey, chronicles intergenerational family trauma, especially in relation to his drug-addicted, drug-dealer father. It does so by detailing his very own drug abuse and the chaos that ensues when one spirals down an endless tunnel. The reader can see the parallels of son-and-father or son-chasing-father. The poems in his book also explore the tender relation between author and navigating life as a poz undetectable queer man.

Anthony Aguero is a queer writer in Los Angeles, CA. His work has appeared, or will appear, in the Carve Magazine, Rhino Poetry, 14 Poems, Redivider Journal, Foglifter, and others.
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