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[Aftershock] Party & Prey

[Aftershock] Party & Prey

SKU: 9781949028782
Graphic Novel----October 12, 2021----

Alan is an older gay man on the prowl for a young, 30-ish hookup. He finds the perfect match in Scott, but when they go back to Alan's sprawling estate, "Scott" suddenly turns on his older date. Turns out, Alan isn't the picture-perfect sugar daddy, but a sociopath responsible for the disappearance of numerous young gay men. "Scott" isn't really looking for a boyfriend, but revenge for a fallen friend...unfortunately for Scott, he may have underestimated Alan and when he finds one of Alan's victims still alive, his mission swerves from one of revenge to a rescue
From Jeffrey Dahmer to Ed the Toronto gay murders...authorities have a pattern of overlooking crimes against gay men until it's far too late. In PARTY & PREY, we match this unfortunate truth with the hard-to-believe, but real-life extremes that gay power brokers like Peter Thiel go to in attempts to preserve their youth...creating a gay revenge thriller with a true-crime twist that flips our sympathies just when we start to feel bad for Alan. Think a gay Get Out crossed with Criminal, Stray Bullets, or Dead Inside.
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