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Acevedo, Elizabeth - Inheritance

Acevedo, Elizabeth - Inheritance

SKU: Y685198
May 3, 2022National Book Award–winning author and renowned poet Elizabeth Acevedo brings her most beloved spoken word poem to the page in a gorgeous package with colorful art by Andrea Pippins and a powerful message of self-love that will draw in fans and new readers alike. Some people tell me to “fix” my hair.And by fix, they mean straighten; they mean whiten.But how do you fix this shipwreckedhistory of hair?In her most famous spoken-word poem, award-winning author and poet Elizabeth Acevedo celebrates the beauty and meaning of natural Black hair, her words vibrantly illustrated by artist Andrea Pippins. This powerful book embraces all the complexities of Afro-Latinidad—the history, pain, pride, and powerful love of that inheritance.
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