Part of the goal of Under the Umbrella is connecting local queer authors, artists, and makers with the queer community. One way we do this is through our consignment, wholesale, and popup programs! If you're interested in having your book, artwork, or other handmade item distributed at Under the Umbrella, consider applying for our consignment program.


Consignment is the quickest way to get your work in the store. We accept up to 12 consignment partners per quarter, at the store's discretion. Please do not come into the store to inquire about consignment opportunities without first reviewing the consignment agreement.

  • Under the Umbrella pays 60% of the retail price for consignment items sold. Under the Umbrella retains 40% as our sales commission. Payment is made monthly by check as items are sold.

  • Under the Umbrella will stock items for a minimum period of five months.

  • You must deliver your items ready to be sold. Items must be marked with a retail price and must include branding to your store. If your items require packaging or any sort of special display, you must provide those items.​

(full details available on consignment agreement)


Interested in hosting a popup at our shop? Popup spots are open every weekend. 

  • If you are accepted as a popup vendor, we will send you a contract and request a $10 deposit to hold the date of your popup.

  • The deposit can be refunded with cancelations made 48 hours in advance. Otherwise, the deposit goes toward your commission payment.

  • To ensure the longevity of the store, we require $10 per hour or 10% of sales, whichever you prefer, with minimum requirement of $10 per day.


If your item does well selling via consignment, Under the Umbrella may consider transitioning to a wholesale agreement. In general, we do not accept unsolicited wholesale requests.

Under the Umbrella stocks certain items via wholesale.

  • Under the Umbrella will pay 50% of the retail price for wholesale items. This payment is made up front and is not contingent upon the sale of the item.

  • Under the Umbrella may determine the retail price.