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Part of the goal of Under the Umbrella is connecting local queer authors with the queer community. One way we do this is through our Author Consignment Program! If you're interested in having your book distributed at Under the Umbrella, consider applying for our consignment program.

General Consignment Information and Guidelines
(full details available on consignment agreement)

  • Under the Umbrella will pay 60% of the retail price for consignment items sold. Under the Umbrella retains 40% as our sales commission.

  • Authors who participate in consignment must provide a link to

  • There is a sliding scale handling fee of $5 to $50 

  • Under the Umbrella accepts 5 copies of each consignment title. Under the Umbrella will stock books for a minimum period of three months that can be extended indefinitely at the store's discretion.

  • At the end of the consignment, the author will have 30 days to pick up Any remaining books. All books left unclaimed after 30 days will be donated. 

At this time, Under the Umbrella is not able to review manuscripts or offer advice on publishing. If you're looking for information on writing or publishing a book, we recommend connecting with the SLCC Community Writing Center.

Tips for Success

  • Spread the word: encourage your family, coworkers, and friends to support you by picking up a copy at Under the Umbrella.

  • Contact media and mailing list groups to announce where they can purchase a copy of your book.

  • Share your book on social media with a link to Under the Umbrella.

  • Get involved with libraries, book clubs, and community organizations to build and diversify your audience. 

  • Contact us if you have any questions.