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Another @speedyqueers collab


- Register for a spot (or just show up and take your chances)

- Do math fast

- Cheat

- Settle long-held grievances or start new ones


- You can use any equations using any numbers on your card to get to the number called

(a very simple example:

B12 is called;

you have B8 and B4;

you can therefore stamp both)

- You CANNOT use any numbers

(including zero and irrational numbers)

that are not on your card

Rules and scoring

may change at any time

depending on the caller's mood

It may be possible to

"acquire" other numbers

(or forced to replace one);

this will also depend on

the caller's mood;

the caller may gift numbers

(rational, irrational, themed)

or offer them for a price

(what that price is

and how it is to be extracted

depends again on the caller's mood)

Interested in sponsoring a prize?

Please email chaos at speedyqueers dot com

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